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How Case Studies Can Help Grow Cannabis Businesses + 9 Ways to Incorporate Them in Your Marketing

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Zig Ziglar once said “If people like you, they will listen to you. If people trust you, they'll do business with you.”  In fact, it's probably my favourite marketing quote out there.

Although this is an effective philosophy to embrace by all industries, it is specifically relevant in the Cannabis Industry.  Processors and producers need to trust growers that they are providing the top-quality product they claim to have.  Cannabis product sellers need to trust their producers and distribution channels. And cannabis patients (quite literally) need to trust dispensaries, growers and producers with their lives.

An effective way in which you can establish a level of trust with new customers is by using case studies.  Case studies are effective because, not only are you telling potential customers what you can do for them, but you actually showing them what you can do for them.


What are Case Studies?

Case studies are a from of Content Marketing that are basically extended testimonials.  It is where you tell customers’ success stories in a clear, compelling and engaging way. It gives prospective customers a “sneak-peak to success”.  It shines a spot-light onto the processes, solutions and benefits your products and services can provide them by showing real-world proof.  It is a very simple, yet effective way in which you can show off the effectiveness of your services and establish a point of trust with new clients.


Why Do Case Studies Work?

Quite simply, case studies work because they are more credible than just the usual marketing blah-blah.  They help people understand your products and services by walking them through a practical example of the process, showing them that there is a real-life return on investment.  And above all, everyone loves a good story with a happy ending – especially if they are looking for the same happy ending.

However, not all case studies are created equally.  Effective case studies feature your customers as people who were able to achieve their goals because of you.  And when you tell the story of how you provided a solution, fulfilled a need or helped someone achieve their successes, you provide real-life evidence that your product and services generate results.  And because of what you did for that customer, there is no way that someone with a similar pain point will not want you to do the same for them.


How Can You Use Case Studies in Your Marketing Strategy?


1.   Have a Case Study page: 

A dedicated page will give visitors a clear and easy way to see how you can help them.

PROTIP:  Structure it in such a way that each pain point, the process, the solutions and the outcomes are clearly defined.


2.   Home page links:

Just like you feature testimonials, feature snippets of case studies on your home page.

PROTIP: Include a clear Call-to-Action to ensure click-throughs to the main Case Study page


3.   Landing pages: 

Readers that are on your product or service page, are already considering your product.  Strategically placing quotes from your case studies on these pages will encourage them to go further down your sales funnel.

PROTIP:  Choose results based quotes like “Service A increased my company’s profits by X%”


4.   Write blog posts about your case studies: 

Focus on customers pain points and challenges in your blog posts and using your case studies to illustrate how these were overcome.

PROTIP:  Feature the solution in your headline, for example “How [Service A] can increase profits by X%”.


5.   Publications: 

Go big and publish your case studies in cannabis trade publications and magazines to reach an even wider audience.

PROTIP:  If you are publishing on an electronic media platform, include a video – it takes the concept of storytelling one step further.


6.   Brochures: 

Print your best case studies in brochure form and hand them out to prospective investors and clients.  Hand the brochures out during trade conventions, business conferences, pitches and investor meetings to show your networks some real-life proof.


7.   Social Media: 

As with blog posts, make sure that the title and post illustrate the problem, solution and achieved goals in such a way that it attracts the right people.  Also include the main stats to entice people to click through.

PROTIP: Tag your happy customer in the post to boost credibility and extend reach.


8.   Email marketing & Newsletters: 

Case studies are no only useful for engaging new leads but also to re-engage leads that have gone cold.  If you have a case study for a specific service, product or even geographic location that a case study relates to, it can provide that final push to call.

PROTIP:  Make sure the case study is relevant to your demographic as well as where they are in the sales funnel.


9.   Email signature links:  

A great way to reach an even wider audience is to include a link to your most recent or most successful case study.

PROTIP:  This is basically a must for the sales team.

Take Home Message:

Case studies are an engaging and informative way of combining storytelling and hard-core statistics into your Content Marketing strategy.  It shows potential and existing clients how you can help them solve their problems so that they too can reach their dreams and goals.

It reduces uncertainty and risk by providing real-world proof that your products and services provide a return on their investment.  In short, case studies inspire trust in you and your brand – enough to be the difference between people liking you enough to listen to you, and trusting you enough to buy from you.






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