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My name’s Lieze Boshoff, founder of LBC3 Marketing, and the LB in LBC3.  The C3 stands for Cannabis Copywriting & Content.  And the Marketing… well that’s self explanatory, right?

I’m a passionate, data-driven Content Marketing and Copywriting Consultant with over 2 years of Medical Cannabis and CBD industry experience.  I work with a wide range of Medical Cannabis and CBD businesses globally, helping them get clear on their content strategy, creating engaging written and social media content, and crafting conversion-focussed copy that resonate with their ideal customers.

Before starting LBC3 Marketing, I wore many hats, ranging from a headhunter and account manager in London, to being an academic researcher and university docent in Bremen and Groningen.  I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology, a Masters degree in Neuropsychology, and worked towards getting my PhD in Cognition and Anomalous Perception.

Using everything I’ve learned over the years, I use a unique blend of psychological profiling techniques, tried-and-true content marketing and copywriting strategies, as well as Medical Cannabis and CBD industry experience, to help you get strategic about your Content Marketing and Copywriting.

If you're ready to see the impact a strategic Content Marketing plan and well-crafted Copywriting can do for you and your cannabis business, take that first step and get in touch with me today.


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Simply put, I help you find that sweet spot between your content objectives, and the interests of your prospects, creating a customized Content Marketing strategy that makes the most of every interaction between you and your ideal customers.

Especially for cannabis businesses, Content Marketing is an effective and cheap way to get noticed, drive traffic and generate sales. In fact, Content Marketing is so good at what it does that, while it costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads!

The reason for this is that, content drives the Internet. People are constantly going online looking for information that can help solve a problem for them. And Content Marketing leverages this to optimal effect.

When you create and share honest, non-salesy and valuable medical cannabis and CBD related information for free, it helps your cannabis business build trust, credibility, and authority with your target audience. 

But good Content without good Copywriting is a waste of your time and money. 

Without that attention grabbing headline, benefit driven copy, and an effective call-to-action, your content won’t generate the engagement, web traffic and sales you want.

That is why every piece of content I create has this one goal in mind:  Get your readers to take a specific action. 

Sometimes this means diverting a prospective customer to a landing page to make a sale, but it can also include an email opt-in, newsletter copy, or even just creating the desire to find more information about you, your Cannabis Business, and your products.


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My clients range from Medical Cannabis startups, to CBD industry veterans, to Cannabis industry news hubs and magazines located in the North Americas, Europe, and the UK.

I also have a select network of other trusted agencies, consultants and freelancers I can refer you to for services I am not an expert in.  These range from web developers and SEO gurus, to branding experts and graphic designers.




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