LBC3 Blog - Standardisation Helps Cannabis Businesses

3 Ways Standardisation Helps Cannabis Businesses Increase Profits

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  The words standardisation and regulation have merrily been bandied around within the cannabis industry. Even more so since authorities are moving towards the legalisation of both recreational and medical cannabis. Both regulation and standardisation are needed if the cannabis industry is going to start walking in the shoes of other grown up and legitimate industries. However, […]

LBC3 Blog - Reframe Marketing Strategies

3 Steps Cannabis Businesses Can Take to Reframe Marketing Strategies to Fit the Needs of Clients

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  As someone trying to get your product or service out there AND being part of the cannabis industry, you face a very unique set of challenges when it comes to your cannabis marketing strategies. Things like the confusion around the product you sell (cannabis is a drug, right?), the stigmas that are still attached […]

LBC3 Blog - Dutch Cannabis Laws

The Definitive Guide to Cannabis Law in the Netherlands – It is probably not what you think…

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  The Netherlands is known for pretty much three things:  cheese, windmills and weed.  Visiting Amsterdam has become a type of rite of passage for pot smokers worldwide. There is a distinct weed culture associated with the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam.  Reportedly, 25-30% of tourists to the Netherlands visit coffeeshops but, with the recent introduction of […]