Mermaid Wizdom

In 2016 Chris Grebisz, a 8 year medical Cannabis grower and industry veteran, decided to combine her love for natural, organic and luxurious skin care with the healing properties of CBD to create the Mermaid Wizdom CBD Skin Care Collection & Spa Experiences. She asked us to write her web copy in such as way as to really connect with her potential customers by expressing her passion for all natural ingredients, skin care and the wonderful properties of CBD.





content portfolio mermaid wizdom web copy



  • Identify, create, and develop brand identity, brand voice and brand aesthetics in line with company philosophy
  • Create and develop their origin story to establish a sense of trust within their potential customers
  • Create and develop SEO friendly web copy for her Home, About, Skin Care and Spa Experience pages to convey a clear message about who she is, what Mermaid Wizdom stands for, and how what she does differently in order to really connect with her target audience