Conversion Copywriting

Convert Visitors To Customers with Conversion Based Cannabis Copywriting

Entice & Persuade



First impressions matter, and it starts with your copywriting. Your website is no different from a blind date or a job interview... If you don’t hook your visitors within the first few seconds, they will move on. And along with them, your sales. 

The main purpose of conversion based copywriting is to convey a clear message about who you are, what you do and what value you add. It needs to incite action and a desire to know more. But most importantly, it should tell your audience what to do next, which is buy your product.


We can help you speak directly to your ideal customer and help you convert leads into cold, hard sales with razor-sharp copy & years of cannabis industry experience.



Professional Conversion Based Copywriting Seals The Deal By Helping You


Define your unique value, and distinguishing yourself in a saturated market


Speak directly to the heart of your customers by discovering & establishing your cannabis brand’s online persona and voice


Attract, engage & retain a steady stream of qualified visitors


Entice & persuade visitors to action, converting them to customers


Make the same impact with your words as you do your visuals


Get on with what matters most - running your business and doing what you love










Investing In Your Cannabis Business

Price Is What You Pay. Value Is What You Get


We think of my clients and their needs as being just as individual and unique as their visions, goals and needs, which is why we provide bespoke copywriting services that's tailored to your cannabis brand and your specific needs.

After getting in touch and having a chat during our initial consultation, we will put together a project proposal that includes an outline of our services, the deliverables we discussed, and your investment for the project - whether you want to polish a web page, need a couple of product descriptions or require an entire website done for your cannabis startup.

We also know that sometimes it can just be a bit easier to take the guess-work out of the equation. That is why we also offer three different semi-standard web copy packages you can take your pick from.  

Just as with our bespoke cannabis copy services, each content packages also includes an in-depth consultation, and a proposal outlining the deliverables as per our discussion.









LB Cannabis Copy & Content Information Pack